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Reflection On Learning #4

I have learned quite a bit over the last month, as a editor I have been working on getting work from columnists and writers and getting better at grammatical errors and punctuation. I’am giving more suggestions when we do pitch meetings. I have been working on focusing more on the task. We do little tasks such as putting words on a small piece of paper and write words like “apple” “fly” “very “really.” The teacher then tells us how we can improve such words like “very” and “really” and “good.”  Some people give suggestions like improving the word good to a more powerful words like superb or exceptional.

The teacher also told us about plagiarising and how to prevent it such as using quotes or giving credit towards the persons work and not being like “in a survey by one thousand kids we determined the favourite fruit to be banana” and have it popped up on the internet by someone else who published the exact same survey word for word or changed ever so slightly.

Editing has been swell so far as I am learning how to use punctuation more often and am able to edit more mistakes then just capitalisation and periods. Because of this I’m able to write longer sentences and find more mistakes on what I have wrote about. Becoming the role of Editor has gone great as well because It’s working on my knowledge of writing and grammar skills.

Sooner or later I will have to lead a pitch meeting and take control of the situation and check if what the columnist or writer wants to write about is suitable for our website. because of this I’am going to need to set the category this goes under and make sure who gets to edit the peoples work

Summary post

The main purpose of the job Editor is to Edit peoples work, the job Editor is assigned a project by a Columnist and we edit their work by, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. As an Editor you essentially are going to pitch meetings and Columnists and if we like what the columnists are pitching we accept or decline their pitch. If accepted the columnist sends it to an Editor and we revise their work until it meets our standards of zero errors.


Reflection On What I Have Learned

What I have learned from the past two weeks of New Media is. What a editors job is meant to do such as, editing peoples work (kind of obvious its in the name) i.e grammar, capitalisation and,  punctuation. The role of editor is a role that controls the other roles in the sense that, any idea that they want to pinch has to go to the editors and they will check if they like the idea or not.

The core strengths I have learned are punctuation and grammar. This is very important because I picked the role of editor and if I cant use punctuation or, grammar it wont help the writers/reviewers in anyway if they misspelled a word or, forgot to put a comma or, capitalisation.

Why I Chose This Name

I picked this name because this website was a “project.” The first thing we had to do was censor my name so I put “redacted” meaning censor. The name Project-Redacted was a combination of what I was meant to do, being censor my name and finish the project. If searched up you will find nothing related to my name as the pudendum was created purely for this class.